The Company

The company was formed in  1803 in Bermondsey and moved to Chesterfield in 1902.

In recent times there were four divisions and in about 1997 these were sold:

The Valve Division. This made large valves for the gas industry including blast furnace gas valves. This was bought by AVK, a Danish Company, and they have a factory Bryan Donkin Valves Ltd  in the Chesterfield area.

The Gas Controls Division was bought  by RMG and became Bryan Donkin RMG Gas Controls Ltd  who are now owned by Honeywell. They have a factory at Holmewood near Chesterfield.

The Compressor Division was sold to Howden, which is owned by The Charter Group, who were bought by the Colfax Corporation. There is a factory in the Chesterfield area.

The Foundry Division became Bryan Donkin Foundry Ltd and moved from Chesterfield to Renishaw, near Sheffield. The company is now dissolved.